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Do you ever find yourself dreading the biannual clock adjustment for Daylight Saving Time? Are you curious about the intriguing history and effects of this forever-long time shift? "It's Just Time" sheds light on an awakening documentary journey that explores the story of Daylight Saving Time and its questionable place in our lives.


Senate Sergeant at Arms Charles Higgins turns forward the Ohio Clock for the first Daylight Saving Time, while Senators William Calder (NY), William Saulsbury, Jr. (DE), and Joseph T. Robinson (AR) look on in the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. in 1918.

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Effective marketing for our film project on daylight saving time creates a bridge between our message and our audience's everyday experiences. By shedding light on the real-life consequences of this government-controlled time experiment, we connect with viewers personally, sparking meaningful conversations and motivating them to reconsider living in a world of standard time.  #itsjusttimefilm

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Children protest DST in 1939. New York Daily News Archive / Getty Images

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A documentary journey through the history, science, and societal impacts of the perpetual time warp known as daylight saving time, exploring why we fall back each year and the quest for a more enlightened approach to time.

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Drop us a line if you're interested in ending Daylight Saving Time or have an exciting story about how this time change has impacted you.

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